George James Stuart Pitts

George James Stuart Pitts was the son of George Pitts and nephew to the Hon S Pitts. He was born on 6 October 1878 in St Johns, Newfoundland. He was known as Stuart. He was an Insurance Clerk with the London Assurance Company.

He married Ada Millicent Leftwich.

He was a keen and able cricketer, a right arm fast bowler who achieved County level representation for Middlesex just before the Great War, with best figures of 3-36. He played for Middlesex as well as Belsize, Hampstead and the MCC between 1905 and 1923.

He was an exaltee of Guildhall School of Music Chapter No 2454 alongside Hunter Johnson and Burnege. He was the Founding Steward of the Chapter.

He died on 27 July 1939, aged 60.