George Lydston Crimp

Dr George Lydston Crimp was a medical man and a Founder of the Chapter.

He was born in 1876 and went to Merchant Taylors’ where he played in the XV (1893-94) and in the XI in both 1893 and 1894. He won a Stuart Scholarship to Caius, taking a Second in Natural Sciences before qualifying as a doctor with an MB in 1905.

and Cambridge

Crimp became a freemason at Cambridge, being initiated into Isaac Newton and exalted into Isaac Newton University Lodge’s chapter, the Euclid Chapter No 859.

He practised as a pathologist at the (now Royal) London Hospital.

He served as a doctor in the First World War.

He married Maud Mary Crimp, and they had a son, Flight Lieutenant Darel Spofford Lydston Crimp who gave his life during the Second World War, being killed flying a Mosquito for 248 Squadron. His aircraft collided with another, killing its crew.