Arthur Heiron

Arthur Heiron was the Founding Treasurer of the Chapter.

Heiron was born in Limehouse on 29 April 1864 to George Heiron and Mary Abbott.  They had four sons and three daughters. 

He was a member of the august Old Dundee Lodge No 18, writing their history for the period 1722 to 1920, He was somewhat of a masonic scholar, writing several pieces for the Masonic press including a series of articles for the Builder under the titles “Was Dr. Johnson a Mason?” and “The Craft in the 18th Century: The Moderns 1717 and the Antients 1751.”

Unsurprisingly he was elected a member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076 in 1929.

He was exalted into Wanderers’ Chapter No 1604 and at the time of the Founding of the Chapter was a member of the Chapter of Fidelity No 3.

Arthur Heiron passed away on  11 March 1931 in London.