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Sir Thomas White Lodge No 1820

Sir Thomas White Lodge No 1820 is is a Freemasons’ Lodge for Old Merchant Taylors, Governors and staff of Merchant Taylors School, present and past, whether already a Freemason or those interested in becoming one.

It is part of the Public School Lodges’ Council; a forum for the private lodges of many of England’s great public schools.

Our Lodge is named after Sir Thomas White (1492 – 1567), an English cloth merchant, Lord Mayor of London in 1553, and a civic benefactor and founder of St John’s College, Oxford and at the time of founding thought to be the founder of Merchant Taylors School.

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We meet four times a year in London’s St James’s at Mark Masons’ Hall in February, March, September and December.

If you are interested in learning more, in potentially joining the lodge, or in visiting, please contact the Secretary.